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The Club and its history

Sospan Road Runners was founded in April 1984 and is an affiliated member of the Athletics Association Wales & UK Athletics.

We are a small friendly club with members covering a wide range of ages, from a youthful 16 years to over 70.

We cater for all levels of runners and joggers based entirely on your fitness and health goals. Expert advice is always available from our more experienced members, who are always happy to support their fellow joggers and runners.

Our members enjoy an active social life with regular organised club events and nights out. These are great for breaking the ice and making new friends

Our members also travel far & wide to participate in some of the world’s greatest events, including the New York Marathon, Dublin Marathon and not forgetting our yearly excursion to the London Marathon. Sospan also travel to many other European and UK events.

If you want company to run or jog, if you are bored with the monotony of exercising on a gym treadmill and want to get some fresh air, this could be the place for

What has Sospan got to do with road runners?

First of all Sospan is the Welsh translation of saucepan. In the past Llanelli Town was one of the biggest producers of saucepans, and in normal Welsh tradition of the time Llanelli got the nickname of ‘Sospans’.

When the running club was founded the members wanted a name that would reflect where they came from and what they did and decided to call themselves Sospan Road Runners rather than Llanelli Road Runners. Keeping with tradition of the town’s nickname even the local rugby club, Llanelli Scarlets has even got little saucepans on top of their rugby posts!

How is the club organised?

The club is organised and run entirely by unpaid volunteers, who perform the everyday tasks that make the club worthwhile. The overall aims of the club are directed by the committee which meets on a regular basis including an annual general meeting. The club is run in keeping with its constitution.

Who does what at the club?

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